mozartRecovering from Autism was possible for one little girl. All she needed was help from a musical genius...MOZART!

“This book needs to go out to everybody…absolutely everybody! It is HUGE!”

--Lisa Rinna, Hollywood Personality and TV Actress


“Listen Up! This remarkable story is for every person with a child waiting to be awakened to language and communication.”

--Don Campbell, Author of The Mozart Effect for Children


 "Awakening Ashley" is a remarkable, beautiful story written with insight and intelligence. Sharon lets parents know they an go through the ear when treating a child with Autism."

 --Michael Palmer, MD 15 time New York Times Bestselling Author of The Last Surgeon

Lollipop Testimonials:

“I saw growth and improvement from her first session which she completed…Has made a HUGE difference already….Thanks Sharon!”

Marlene, South Africa

daughter 9 yrs old – Autism


After only three days, "he was a talking machine...saying things I have never heard before!"

Shauna, MN

son, 5 yrs old - PDD-NOS 

"He has began talking so much more.  Really good words and putting sentences together. So amazed"!

After only 3 weeks on therapy.

Cindy, USA

son-11 yrs old - Autism/Cerbral Palsy/ADD-ADHD

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Click here to listen to messages from Sharon about about Autism and  her daughter Ashley's recovery.



We have a Lollipop Listening Therapy Support Group Facebook Page for all clients so be sure to go there and get great advice and chat with parents already doing Lollipop. I will be on there answering questions as well. It's great for you to hear all the wonderful exciting improvements coming straight from parents.









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What is Lollipop Listening Therapy Video


Auditory intervention for Autism and other Developmental delays


Sometimes the brain just needs to be re-organized. Just like a messy cabinet or drawer, things get cluttered and you just can't find anything. You know it's there, you just have to sift through some other "stuff" before you find what you're looking for...The brain is the same way. It loves organization. It doesn't like disorganization. To organize the brain, you almost have to play a game with it. Repetitive activities, challenge it, get feedback from it, change things up a bit to strengthen it and make it work optimally for you. In short, that's what auditory training does. We go through the ears to get to the brain! 

exercise the brain

 Lollipop Listening Therapy is a therapeutic listening program, a tool so to speak, that we have developed to teach the ears to gather sound better, strengthen the ear muscles and in doing so gets the brain to process more efficiently and effectively. Within the ears resides a lot of body functions. We take these for granted when they are easy for us, but when your child can't do a particular skill, did you know it's their ears that are the issue? So the ears are very important in how your child performs daily. If they are struggling with skills that their peers are mastering, these characteristics of a listening problem may be what is holding them back from climbing the developmental ladder. Lollipop Listening Therapy is a great addition to your therapy routine that can start to lay down new pathways and re-connect them to their body, the world around them and you!


We sell this system all over the world as a home-based program (see our home-based listening packages). However, if you live in the Central or Northern Virginia area/Washington D.C. Metro Area/Maryland, we now have a new listening center where you can come and do Lollipop Listening Therapy with your child - 30/min day M-F.

Learn more about Lollipop Learning and Listening Center in Dumfries, VA, 703-477-4767. Call today to register.

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What Does Lollipop Listening Therapy Do?

1. Lollipop tones up the middle ear muscles and make them stronger so they are better filters of sound. Your child is probably taking in way too much information and the brain just can't process it fast enough or efficiently. And just the opposite can be true too. If their ears are just not picking up that information, well, you have a very un-responsive child, "in their own world" not able to make any sense out of language, they may have balance issues, writing issues, motor planning issues, attention issues. The list goes on and on. We want them to be able to bring in the sounds they need and keep out the distracting sounds they don't need. And put them back on task.

2. Lollipop trains the ears and brain to localize sound and to de-sensitize their body to sound  so they know where sound is coming from and able to turn when their name is called or turn in the direction of a sound. We hear from all around us, not just right and left. And a lot of children with sensory issues don't listen enough with their ears. They listen more with their bones (their body). That can be very painful, distracting, and cause melt downs and behavior issues. We want their ears to be the first entrance of sound, not their body.

3. Lollipop trains the brain to process all of the frequencies of sound. This is important for a few reasons. When your ears don't pick up all of the frequencies of sound, the voice will not contain those frequencies either. That is a reason why a lot of children with special needs are non-verbal. They don't perceive the sound, so their brain doesn't process the sound and they don't vocalize the sound. And keep in mind all brain and body functions are related to the frequencies of sound. If your child isn't mastering a particular skill that they should be at this age, their ears are probably not able to hear that frequency band. Click HERE to learn how sound affects everything your child can and can't do.

 Why Does My Child Need a Listening Therapy?

Your child can HEAR, but they probably have difficulty "LISTENING".Good listeners are good learners. And contrary. Poor listeners are poor learners. 

Click HERE to see if your child resembles these characteristics and how we can change the brain to create a better listener.


 Lollipop Listening Therapy® goes to the "root" of your child's issues. Your child's potential is in there, and it is our priority to jump start them.

You MUST change the way their ears pick up sounds and the way their brain processes them to create a better listener and better learner. Learn more HERE.


Lollipop Listening Therapy® 

1: Circuit trains the ears and brain and tones up the middle ear muscles so that sounds are processed correctly;

2. Incorporates our "body program" that works the sensory system and to get them grounded into their body. It's very difficult to learn when your body can't integrate sensory information;

3. Incorporates the mother's voice as heard in utero (when desirable) to re-wire the child for language and communication, attachment and bonding;

4. Uses the power of the child's own voice to stimulate their ear and improve language, socialization, reading, comprehension, voice quality and much more.


Lollipop Listening Therapy® is a program that combines all of these necessary components to retrain the ears and brain to listen. 


If you have questions, just contact me through this website at

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HOME-BASED PROGRAM: If you are interested in the home-based listening program call 571-435-3518 Washington, DC time, USA to order, or order on line from our listening therapy packages.

CENTER-BASED PROGRAM: If you are interested in coming to our listening center in Dumfries, VA call 703-477-4767.



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Terms and Conditions: Lollipop Listening Therapy is a "tool" to help re-educate the ears and brain to listen better. We make no claims to "cure" your issues and you purchase this and use this therapy voluntarily. Every person moves at their own pace and some see changes faster than others. Our website is full of information about listening therapy, it's origin, how it works, what you can expect, who can benefit and testimonials. We have guidelines for the use of our product that we give you when you purchase as well as a tutorial for use and we appreciate our clients following our instructions for the best results. We have several different programs and price points and hope you can find a program that suits your child's needs and your budget. We are open to extending any payment plans we offer if you need a few more months to pay or we will be helpful in trying to design a payment plan that works for your circumstances if we can. All purchases are final and no refunds can be made once the product leaves our quality control. Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a full set of terms and conditions and consent form. 












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The above videos are media that Ashley and I got due to her recovery from Autism from an auditory training program that she used over a decade ago developed by Dr. Tomatis. Lollipop did not recover Ashley, and I make no claims that Lollipop was used to recover Ashley. I present these videos to show that Ashley's recovery was due to an auditory training program, and that is something I want parents to understand is that you should turn to the ears when treating your child with autism, ADD/ADHD or other special needs. Parents don't always understand the importance of treating the ear in their child with special needs and this is something I brought to the public on these shows. Ashley's story is hopeful and helpful. But Lollipop is not the therapy that recovered her a decade ago. After her recovery, I developed Lollipop Listening Therapy based on the theories and principles of Dr. Tomatis which every sound therapy out there is based upon since he discovered this therapy back in the 1940s in Paris. Every listening program out there is different in its own way, so don't think they are all the same no matter their price. Don't think that Lollipop is a copy cat of any other therapy out there just because we all use the term "auditory training, listening therapy, or sound therapy". And don't confuse "AIT" which stands for Auditory "Integration" Therapy/or Training (AIT) because that is a work by Dr. Berard, not Tomatis and all listening therapies should not be thought of under an umbrella as "AIT".  I have improved upon the technology that even Ashley got back then doing her listening program, and I have significantly added more intesity and more technology to the training of the ear and the brain, but Lollipop is still rooted in Tomatis' founding principles which have been preserved in our therapy. This website is educational and I share with you so much information about Dr. Tomatis and the role of the ear and the brain, why I developed Lollipop, who can benefit from it and changes we are seeing from it in these kids, to really educate you about the importance of a therapy like this. Please click on every link on our side navigation bars (the colorful lollipops) and top navigation bars (the stick-figure kids) to learn all you can about this therapy. I really want to educate parents. We hope you will try our revolutionary therapy to help your child improve their listening and learning. Call me for your brief FREE consult. 



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