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Lollipop Listening Therapy® Blog


mozartRecovering from Autism was possible for one little girl. All she needed was help from a musical genius...MOZART!

“This book needs to go out to everybody…absolutely everybody! It is HUGE!”

--Lisa Rinna, Hollywood Personality and TV Actress


“Listen Up! This remarkable story is for every person with a child waiting to be awakened to language and communication.”

--Don Campbell, Author of The Mozart Effect for Children


 "Awakening Ashley" is a remarkable, beautiful story written with insight and intelligence. Sharon lets parents know they an go through the ear when treating a child with Autism."

 --Michael Palmer, MD 15 time New York Times Bestselling Author of The Last Surgeon

Click here to listen to messages from Sharon about about Autism and  her daughter Ashley's recovery.



We have a Lollipop Listening Therapy Support Group Facebook Page for all clients so be sure to go there and get great advice and chat with parents already doing Lollipop. I will be on there answering questions as well. It's great for you to hear all the wonderful exciting improvements coming straight from parents.









Areas of Reported Change

Listening Therapy Changes You May See As Your Child Progresses Weekly Through the Program.

Everyone is different and improves at their own pace. But what we are seeing with Lollipop Listening Therpy® is typically changes in the following gradually over time:


greater balance

more body awareness

better posture
improved muscle tone

improved fine and gross motor skills

improved coordination
improved eye contact

initiating a task
development of speech

clarity of speech and voice quality

increased socialization

spontaneity in communicating

more back and forth communication  

more non-verbal communication

(ie: pointing, waving, etc.)

less frustrated 

improved handwriting

more animation

and much more... 

greater self-confidence
overall happiness
greater independence
more responsible & mature
increased visual-motor skills
greater auditory processing
better listening
improved self regulation
better sensory integration

motor planning
improved focus and attention 
improved concentration

greater flexibility; not so rigid

adaptable to change beter

more assertiveness

less confusion of L and R

less anxiety

greater artistic ability

better memory
overall well-being
less emotional
greater motivation
better organization
better planning skills
improved creative writing

improved reading/comprehension
greater self esteem
more motivation

reduced noise hypersensitivity
greater spacial processing and reasoning

(ie: improved math skils)

more affectionate

less impulsive

normalized energy level

better regulation

sense of humor


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