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mozartRecovering from Autism was possible for one little girl. All she needed was help from a musical genius...MOZART!

“This book needs to go out to everybody…absolutely everybody! It is HUGE!”

--Lisa Rinna, Hollywood Personality and TV Actress


“Listen Up! This remarkable story is for every person with a child waiting to be awakened to language and communication.”

--Don Campbell, Author of The Mozart Effect for Children


 "Awakening Ashley" is a remarkable, beautiful story written with insight and intelligence. Sharon lets parents know they an go through the ear when treating a child with Autism."

 --Michael Palmer, MD 15 time New York Times Bestselling Author of The Last Surgeon

Click here to listen to messages from Sharon about about Autism and  her daughter Ashley's recovery.



We have a Lollipop Listening Therapy Support Group Facebook Page for all clients so be sure to go there and get great advice and chat with parents already doing Lollipop. I will be on there answering questions as well. It's great for you to hear all the wonderful exciting improvements coming straight from parents.









Sharon Ruben’s Bio

Sharon Ruben Creator of Lollipop Listening Therapy and Author of Awakening AshleyMy education has been in the sciences. With a Bachelors degree in Biology and a Masters in Biotechnology Management, I have over 16 years of experience in the field of clinical research for the government and the private pharmaceutical industry bringing new drugs and devices to the public for an enhanced quality of life. Though this may have been the fuel for me to research every aspect of Ashley's disorder and find a myriad of therapies to treat her, it doesn't take this type of degree to help your child. If you have love, and we all do for our children, it's all you need to get started.


Having triumphed over my daughter’s autism, I could have made the decision to pack up and leave the world of autism years ago - Ashley is now recovered and soaring to new heights. But I didn’t leave and revel in her recovery. I’ve taken on even more work now. I founded Sound Therapy Systems, LLC, my company devoted to re-training the ears and brain of children on the autism spectrum to listen better, now using Lollipop Listening Therapy®, my own auditory training program that I personally developed to advance the treatment for autism and developmental delays. I am all about awakening these children...just like Ashley awakened.


I’ll never be able to pay Mozart back for recovering my daughter from autism. But I’m paying it forward and putting a new stigma on autism – that of hope and recovery. I bring a “mother’s perspective” to my business and am sought out from all around the world by parents seeking help for their children on the autism spectrum. Ashley and I have been on the Today Show (NBC) with Katie Couric, Soap Talk with Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway, in national magazines, newspapers and on radio.


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