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Lollipop Listening Therapy® Blog


mozartRecovering from Autism was possible for one little girl. All she needed was help from a musical genius...MOZART!

“This book needs to go out to everybody…absolutely everybody! It is HUGE!”

--Lisa Rinna, Hollywood Personality and TV Actress


“Listen Up! This remarkable story is for every person with a child waiting to be awakened to language and communication.”

--Don Campbell, Author of The Mozart Effect for Children


 "Awakening Ashley" is a remarkable, beautiful story written with insight and intelligence. Sharon lets parents know they an go through the ear when treating a child with Autism."

 --Michael Palmer, MD 15 time New York Times Bestselling Author of The Last Surgeon

Click here to listen to messages from Sharon about about Autism and  her daughter Ashley's recovery.



We have a Lollipop Listening Therapy Support Group Facebook Page for all clients so be sure to go there and get great advice and chat with parents already doing Lollipop. I will be on there answering questions as well. It's great for you to hear all the wonderful exciting improvements coming straight from parents.









Why Lollipop was Developed

Recovery From Autism on the Today Show with Katie Couric. Now a New Listening Program Helps Children Worldwide

Why Lollipop Listening Therapy® was developed?

Katie Couric and Sharon Ruben Today ShowMy segment on the Today Show (NBC), with Katie Couric, in 2003 sparked extreme interest in auditory training and gave parents a new weapon in their arsenal to fight autism. The Tomatis Method had been around for years in the U.S., having originated in France, but had received very little attention in the media – until Ashley’s recovery using it. 


Going through Ashley’s recovery gave me a renewed interest in science - that which I studied in college and received my Bachelors and Masters. Mozart didn’t just awaken Ashley, it awakened me as well. I fast became a student of the principles and theories behind auditory training and about the relationship that exists between the ear, the brain, the voice and between listening and communication. I was trained in the Tomatis Method, undergoing weeks of class work on anatomy and physiology, neurology, psychoacoustics and Dr. Tomatis principles, theories and practices. I underwent hours of personal listening as part of that training as well.


Since Ashley’s recovery, I have made it my mission to educate the public about auditory training and have taken our story to morning and daytime TV, magazines and radio. I have reached out to parents consulting with them and inviting them to turn to the ears for some answers.


book-angleI even wrote about our journey to recovery using auditory training in, “Awakening Ashley: Mozart Knocks Autism on its Ear.” My book has won praise and high honors from the publisher, but more importantly, it has given parents hope…and help!


“Awakening Ashley” has awakened the public!

I became a certified provider of several home-based auditory training programs. I have had the great opportunity to help children all around the world with their listening skills and they have been positively impacted through my provider-ship. I have been fortunate enough to have learned from some of the most brilliant professionals in the world of auditory training and am now sought out from parents allidea around the world who are struggling to find that missing link and that ray of hope for their children with autism.


With my knowledge of auditory training, my experience with Ashley’s recovery, my compassion for the children and the work I have done to enhance their quality of life through better listening, and with a mission that chose me, I decided it was time for Ashley and me to introduce to the world our own auditory training program. It is years in the making based on my understanding of the ear, the brain, sound, Dr. Tomatis’ theories, what I saw changing in Ashley while undergoing listening therapy over the course of her journey, and even the profound changes I saw in myself while undergoing listening therapy side-by-side with Ashley through the years.


I feel every parent of a child on the autism spectrum is entitled to know what I spent the last decade of my life educating myself about and understanding — learning disabilities are often listening disabilities. This isn’t rocket science, but it IS science! And the principles and theories are “sound”.


brainI knew what I wanted to see out of a new listening therapy, because there are a plethora of them today on the market, and how is one to choose? I wanted to kick it up a notch and give these children a more intense workout for the ear. I wanted a therapy to treat the ear muscles like any other muscle of your body. The ears, so often, get the silent treatment with respect to a workout program. Yet we expect so much out of them in our everyday lives, and in return, give so little back. I wanted to put the ears of children with autism on a daily workout routine to tone the middle ear muscles, and in a sense, sculpt a new listener out of them – improve their auditory processing and sensory integration issues and jump start their language and communication.


If my own ears could really feel the immediate effects of this therapy, then I knew it would be a great fit for parents to incorporate within their own child’s home therapy program. But it was Ashley’s ears that gave me confirmation that we had something “sweet” - an exclusive product, the likes of which neither of us had ever heard. She gave me the thumbs up.


There’s nothing sweeter, with childhood colors, and an invitation to work out all of the senses…than a lollipop!


…and so Lollipop Listening Therapy® was born.


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